Welcome to the ICarly X WikiEdit

The wiki about the upcoming iCarly X! It is not known for sure when it will release but there is some proof of it's existence. This wiki needs some help so seaerch long on hard and contribute any information you have on this series. AND BE APROPIATE!!!

What is itEdit

This wiki talks discusses the new cartoon/anime iCarly X that is a crossover betwwen Dragon Ball Z and iCarly. It is rumored to air on May 14, 2014 on Teeninck, Nicktoons and Cartoon Network as well as in japan in it's manga form. The series is targeted to young children and older teens but is expected to have an effect on young adults as well just like iCarly.

Latest activityEdit

So far iCarly X is rumored to air on May 14, 2014 but there is no offical release date.