Trunks "i"n Seattle Edit

Trunks "i"n Seattle is the first saga of iCarly X. The main plot concerns the arival of Mirai Trunks Briefs. Mirai, after defeating the androids, decided to leave the future and attend high school in the past. He ends up in Seattle and meets the iCarly gang. Carly generously invites him to come and go when ever he pleases and they start to grow a relationship. Eventually, Carly starts relizing that she likes Trunks and is nervous what he'll say if she tells him. Trunks also secretly feels the same way about Carly but his self control allows him to hide his discomfort. Gibby finds out about this and devises a plan without their knowledge to get them in the same room together and admit they like eachother. He tells Sam and Freddie his plan and they hasantaliy help him with it. He pretends that he, Sam and Freddie are leaving to go home while they hide in the hall way peeking through Carly"s door. They start off by talking normal and and then Carly starts stuttering. Trunks asks her what's wrong and she admits that she likes him. At first Trunks doesn't understand what she means since he's never had a crush before but he then relizes what she means. Carly gets worried and starts rambling on about why she didn't tell him but before she could finish, Trunks kisses her thus the start of their relationship.

iMeet the AvatarEdit


Trunks and Carly are happy in their realationship and the iCarly gang is fine. Though one day while doing iCarly, a portal opens up from the iCarly TV moniter. Out of it comes Team Avatar. This is the main plot of this Saga, all of the adventures that the iCarly's and Team Avatar have. This saga is a crossover between Avatar The Last Airbender and iCarly. Later on in the series, they meet Zuelon, Aang's old friend who is actually from the year 2132 and is a time traveler. This the character that is the main protagonist of crossover.


While staying with the iCarly's, Aang and the rest of Team Avatar struggle to live life in the simple world. During this time they attend school at Ridgway High. One day while Sam and Freddie are at Carly's while she's out with Mirai Trunks, they meet little Trunks. When Carly and Mirai get home, Sam and Freddie demand an explanation from them. Carly and Mirai Trunks explain to Sam and Freddie all about the saiyans and the androids and all of the events that took plece from the android saga to the cell games saga. Once everyone gets home and knows about the situation they all stay threre in shock not knowing what to think of this but right when this happens, a 12 year old african american child named Zuelon appears out of no where.

iJames(The X Version)Edit

This is an alternate version of the iJames arc in season six of iCarly soon to come.

iNew YorkEdit

What "i" Like About YouEdit


This saga is about Freddie's Uncle Vince who is Marissa Benson's little brother. Freddie invites Sam to go with him on the plane. Katara has an idea that they should all race to California where Vince lives. The pairings for the race are shown below.

  1. Carly and Trunks on Flying Nimbus
  2. Team Avatar on Appa
  3. James, Gibby and Spencer on super scooters
  4. Zuelon and Amanda by flight
  5. Freddie and Sam by airplane

After their little race is done they all end up in California. Freddie gets a cab to go to Vince's and they walk up to his appartment.