iCarly X is the so far, unoffical cartoon/anime series that is a crossover of iCarly and Dragon Ball Z and is one of the two DBZ and iCarly crossovers. See iSaiyan wiki.''

iCarly X


Children and Teens, Situation Comedy/action/adventure


24 to 30 minutes per episode


Miranda Cosgrove Jennette McCurdy Nathan Kress Jerry Trainor Noah Munck Eric Vale


Hollywood California/United States


Teennick, Nicktoons

Air Date


Number of Episodes


Main Characters

Gibby Gibson, Spencer Shay, Carly Shay, Freddie Benson, Sam Puckett, Mirai Trunks Briefs

This series is targeted for both young children, older teens, and young adults.

Basic InformationEdit

Every episode has a lower case "i" in the title like in iCarly but the "i" is not only in the begining of the name. Sometimes it can be within the name matked with apostrophies. This show is rumored to air on Nicktoons and on Teennick May 14, 2014 though this air date is not offical. Some people don't belive it's a real series. There is proof of it's existence as well as proof against it's existence. The show was created by Xavier A. Gomez who is the head creator of the crossover franchise.See creators of iCarly X. The show is based in an alternate reality where Mirai Trunks goes back in time just around the Buu Saga in order to attend highschool and ends up meeting the iCarly gang . This story is a romance between Carly and Trunks and takes place during the seddie arc . This series includes crossovers with other series such as Jessie , Danny Phantom , Fairly Oddparents , Sponge Bob Squarpants , What I Like About You , Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life on Deck , One Piece, X-Men, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Speed Racer The Next Generation, Jimmy Nuetron, Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Heroes, Good Luck Charlie, Big Time Rush, Shake It Up, Family Guy, American Dad, The Clevland Show, Victorious and Avatar The Last Airbender. See Saga and Episode guide . The two main protagonists of this story are Mirai Trunks Briefs and Carly Shay .

Main CharactersEdit

Carly ShayEdit

Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is a 17 year old who is the star of her own web show named iCarly which she produces with her two best friends, Sam and Freddie. Sam is her co-star while Freddie is their technichal producer. She lives with her 29 year old brother named Spencer Shay in Bushwell Plaza, a fictional apartment building in Seattle. Her father is in the Army and what has happened to her mother is unknown. iCarly X during the later part of the series will reveal what happened to her mother. In this series, she ends up getting together with Mirai Trunks Briefs, the son of Bulma and Vegeta briefs from the future. She is known as internet celebrity which she sometimes uses as a way to get out of a sticky situation. Though she is famous from the internet, she never lets all the fame get to her head, she remains a normal teenage girl who appreciates the better things in life.

Mirai Trunks BriefsEdit

Mirai Trunks Briefs (Actor Unkown) is the son of Bulma Briefs and Prince Vegeta from the future. Because of never growing up on his father's influence, he is a much moreserious and sturn then his more layed back younger counterpart. See Little Trunks Briefs. He starts to loosen up a little bit after spending time with the iCarly gang. He eventually gets together with Carly Shay later on in the series. He came from the future after defeating the androids in order to attend school. He becomes good friends with Sam, Freddie, Gibby and Spencer. His secret of being a half saiyan from the future is blown when Carly catches him transforming into a super saiyan on the rooftop of Bushwell Plaza. He has few apperances on iCarly but he never really particapates for the most part.

Samantha "Sam" PuckettEdit

Samantha "Sam" Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) is Carly's best friend and Freddie's girlfriend. She can be described as the opposite of Carly. She lies all the time, she steals and robs from people and she emotionally and/or physically hurts people. Though even with all these things included in her personallity, Carly and Freddie still love her very much. She usually picks on Trunks and Gibby for being fat or nerdy most of the time but they are still pretty good friends with her too. Sam is almost always late for iCarly because of bad sleeping habbits. She hates school and all the teachers that are in it. The one teacher that she hates the most is Ms. Briggs.

Fredward "Freddie" BensonEdit

Fredward "Freddie" Benson (Nathan Kress) is the technical producer of iCarly and is Carly's neighbor from across the hall. He is Sam Puckett's girlfriend and Carly's best friend and use to get picked on by Sam. He has an overly protective mother who despises both Carly and Sam with every fiber of her being. He use to have a major crush on Carly but he eventually gave up after being rejected numerous times. He has become really good friends with Trunks and they usually have apperances in the show where it's just the two of them. He has a strong connection with Spencer, Carly's older brother and usually relies on him for male advice.

Spencer ShayEdit

Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) is Carly's older brother. He is always seen doing wacky things that usually involve him or Gibby. When Carly and Trunks first became a couple, he seemed a little angry with Trunks but that is because he didn't Trust Carly to responsible with each others time. He always seems to have a problem with working with electrial wiring. Every thing he does involving electrical wiring always ends up bursting in flames. He is good friends with both Freddie, Gibby and Sam. Later on in the series, he starts to spend a little more time with Mrs. Benson relizing how lonely she really is.

Gibby GibsonEdit

Gibby Gibson (Noah Munck) is Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer's good friend. He has made appearences on iCarly particapating in wacky stuff and acting strange for the veiwers entertainment. Gibby is ecentric, wild and often seen without a shirt. He has a little brother named Guppy who mimics him and looks up to him. He starts to become really good friends with Trunks and is seen with him often with Trunks usually trying to show Gibby something and Gibby messing it up.

Lack of ValidityEdit

1. Lack of advertising in Japanese Media

  • ​Dragon Ball Z is very well known in Japan so the fact that something like this has not been promoted in Japanese magezines or other informational sources means that there is a good chance this isn't real

2. Lack of official announcments made by Toriyama or Schneider

  • So far, Aria Toriyama has not given any information of a new series comeing out any time except the Dragon Ball Heroes Manga. Dan Schneider has not given any updates on iCarly crossing over with DBZ. When a new series is being made, there are usually anouncments of it 's existence.

3. Lack of promotional videos such as episode clips, previews, early concepts in other shows and online blogs

  • ​There are very few promotional videos out there prooving this series' existance. In japan, no preveiws have come out for this series and updates on this crossover franchise have been seen little in the U.S. Every time Dan Schnieder comes up with a new series or episode of a series, he updates all current information on a project to let the people know what he will be doing next. Akira Toriyama does the same thing.

4. Lack of scans from manga releases or screen captures/movie clips from new episodes

  • So far there is only very inpressive fanwork made by fans of dragon ball z depicting artwork that looks like screenshots from the series but so far, there aren't any raw manga scans or unaltered screenshots availabele anywhere. There are very little movie clips of the new series in the U.S. but they have only been seened very little times on Teenick.

Proof of ValidityEdit

1. Previews and trailers on Teennick and Nicktoons

  • Although there are a small amount, there are trailers and previews on Teennick and Nicktoons for the Crossover franchise which includes iCarly X.

2. Eyecatches seen on T.V.

  • Teennick has shown numerous eye catches of iCarly X during comercial breaks.

​3. Promotional Videos

  • Although there are a few of them, there re a few promtional videos that have been realesed on T.V. for iCarly X such as episode clips from the series along with season six clips on Teenick.

​4. Early concepts of the show

  • On Victorious, There have been numerous early concepts of the show dpicted on the lockers in th school hall.

5. Evidence seen in both shows.

  • On Nicktoons, Dragon Ball Z kai explains Trunks not only traveling through time but to a different dimension sugesting that he has the ability totrael to paralel universes like the iCarly universe.
  • In iChristmas, Carly, after making a wish from a guardian angel, entered a paralel universe where she never met Sam and Freddie and she was never born while Spencer and Mrs.Benson were engaged sugesting that she is able to travel to diferent realites just like Trunks.
  • In the the second episode of The Cell Games Saga in DBZ, Cell announces the Cell Games via television broadcast causing a worldwide impact and causing everyone to panic. If you pay attention to both shows, you will notice that in iRocked the Vote, the same pheonmenon occurs when Carly and Sam tell their veiwers to vote for David Archaleta and this causes a huge impact on the voting resulting in David Archaleta winning America Sings. This shows that there are similarities between the two shows and this episode of iCarly is conviently similar to an episode of DBZ during the Cell Games, which includes Mirai Trunks as one of the antogonists just like he is in this series.
  • In iLost My Mind which is the begining of the Seddie arc, Caleb talks about being from the future and all that will happen suggesting time travel in iCarly which is a big part of Dragon Ball Z.
  • There is an episode of iCarly called iSpace Out which is about the iCarly gang having a chance to go into space. Space travel is another important part of DBZ.